Katherine Bernhardt

Born in 1975 in St.Louis, USA
Lives and works in New York, USA


2000, MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
1998, BFA, The School the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

“Doritos and Diet Coke”, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles
“Stupid, crazy, funny, ridiculous patterns”, Canada Gallery, New York
“Watermelon, Smiley Faces, Ice Cream, Popsicles, Avocado, and Sun”, Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico
“Magic Flying Carpets”, Family Bookstore, Los Angeles
“Nomad”, Galerie Loyal, Sweden
“Rites of Spring passage”, Carbon 12, Dubai

“Hot Pop Time Machine”, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
“Timbuktu 52 days”, Canada, New York
“Lila Dit Ca”, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris
“Super Models and Swatch Watches”, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid
“Wonder women”, Carbon 12, Dubai

Gallery Loyal, Malmo, Sweden
“Greeky”, Ransom Gallery, London
“Kate, Giselle, Agyness, Natalia, Simon, Kanye & George”, Canada, New York
“Kiss Me Kate”, Gallery Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden
“Girls on Film”, Cannes France
Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna
“Drunken Hot Girls”, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris
“Black White Silver Gold Baby”, installation with CHANEL and New York  magazine, CHANEL 64th and Madison ave, New York
“Flesh for Fantasy”, Patricia Low Contemporary, Switzerland
“Winter Special Crazy Fun”, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris
“Girls on Film”, Nikki Beach WHITEWALL magazine launch, Cannes, France
“Budapest, The Gellert Hotel, 10:15pm”, Gallery Lisa Ruyter, Vienna
“La Dolce Vita”, Gallery Glance, Italy
“96 Degrees in the Shade”, Canada, New York
“Women of the Forest”, Greener Pastures Gallery, Toronto
“Where the Spirits Dwell”, Gallery Commercial, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Group Exhibitions (selected)

“New image painting”, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago
“Paint New York”, Gl Strand Museum, Denmark
“Don’t Look Now”, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York
“Purple states”, Andrew Edlin, New York
Brucennial 2014, New York
“All that glitters”, Gateway Center, Newark
“Black White”, LaMontagne Gallery, Boston
“Closer encounters – Summer Accrochage”, Carbon 12, Dubai
“Work”, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York
“Holiday Services”, The Hole, New York
“Chicken or Beef? A Transcontinental Survey of Figurative Painting”, The Hole, New York
“Magic Flying Carpets”, NADA Projects, Miami Beach
“Tonight we won’t be bored”, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
“Leave it to Beavers”, Gallery Diet, Miami
“Leave It To Beavers”, Galerie Markus Winter, Berlin
“Twisted Sisters”, Dodge Gallery, New York
“Dangerous Curve Ahead”, Ober Gallery, Kent
Marlborough Chelsea, New York
“Material”, Salon 94 Freemans, New York
“Domination, Hegemony, and the Panopticon”, Traffic, Dubai
“Go Figure”, Dodge Gallery, New York
“Body Brain Game”, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
“The Influentials”, Visual Arts Gallery, SVA, New York
“Night of the Locusts”, White Flag Projects, USA
Mitchell Innes and Nash, New York
“I Am Who I Am”, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston
“Facemaker”, Royal/T, Los Angeles
“Status”, V.1 Gallery, Copenhagen
“Quick While Still Hot”, Heist Gallery, New York
“Haute Romantics”, Verge Gallery and Studio Project, USA
“The unbearable lightness of being”, Carbon 12, Dubai

Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon
“Album”, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
Collection 3 – Foundation for Contemporary Art, Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Alex
“Glam Shackle & Spice”, Gallery Satori, New York
“Quick While Still”, Motus Fort, Tokyo
“Brooklyn Queens”, The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn
“The New Yorkers”, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
“Marilyn Monroe”, Städtische Galerie, Germany
“New York Minute”, Macro Future, Rome
“Spaced Out / On Time”, Canada, New York
“Teasers and Pleasers”, Galerie Kussseneers, Belgium
“Paint”, Saatchi Gallery , London
“The Multifaceted Female”, Barat Foundation, USA
“Hard/Soft”, curated by Stacy Engman, National Arts Club, New York
“Sneak preview”, Carbon 12, Dubai

“Just it/Just be”, curated by Gallery Loyal, Galley Opdahl, Sweden
“Deadliest Catch: Hamptons”, curated by Michael Sellinger, Southhampton, New York
“Ambivalent Figuration, People”, Samson projects, Boston
“The Ice Cream Show”, Galley Loyal, Stockholm
“Wu Tang Clan VS Googleplex”, Passerby, New York
“Prelude”, Julie Chae Gallery, Boston
“M.A.S.H.”, Jason Rulnick Gallery, New York
“Paintings”, curated by Jason Duval, Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, New York
“Some Day Never Comes”, curated by Eddie Martinez Zieher Smith, New York
Modern Primitivism Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago,
“The Galleries Show”, Gallery commercial, Belguim
“Men”, curated by Ellen Altfest, 1-20 Gallery, New York,
“Searching for Love and Fire”, David Castillo, Miami
“Frisky Flaming Hot” Galerie Christina Wilson, Copenhagen
“Manhattan, 100 Lafayette”, curated by Carol Lee, New York
“Hello Sunday”, Gallery Sixtyseven, New York
“Honeymoon with Romeo”, Groeflin Maag Gallery, Basel

Collections (selected)

Farook Collection, Duba
The Saatchi Collection, UK


2008, Residency at Possingworth Manor, London
2008, Residency at The Bikini Factory, Greece
2005, Residency at Drake Hotel, Toronto ,
2005, Residency at Galerie Lisa Ruyter Vienna